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What is MoMa?

MoMa aka "Modular Machine" is a powerful cross-platform automation tool for batch processing of repetitive tasks. Its extendable plugin system and easy-to-use interface provides an incredibly flexible solution for any annoying task, e.g. file renaming.

Current Status

MoMa is currently under high development. As soon as a Alpha version is available you may download it. For details look at section "Development".


MoMa has some features which make it quite flexible for different needs:


MoMa is programmed in Java, therefore it is quite portable and should run on all systems supporting Java 1.3 and higher.

MoMa is activly developed under the following Operating Systems:


MoMa running on linux:


Currently there are no downloads available.


Because MoMa is currently in pre-alpha phase there is no release yet available. If you are interested in participating write an email to eyesee at

The whole project is developed using open source tools, in detail we use Ant, OpenOffice, Dia, Eclipse, ArgoUML and Subversion.

MoMa will be released under the GNU Public License (GPL).

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Last updated: 26.02.2006